Sending Resumes by email - How To and Secret

These days your Resume and all your job correspondence are much more likely to be electronic. This means you need to be aware of some important items that you need to get right.

The blessing of email is that it is cheap and almost instant. This is also its curse. The people you will be sending your Resume to, will have a mountain of email every day. We all do. So make their life as easy as you can and you will increase your chances.

You need your name and "Resume" plus date, as its document title, as in:
"My Name Resume 112504.doc." 

Don't use something that is meaningful only to you. The recruiter would have to open the document and Save with a new title prior to sending to the client, the boss, filing it etc. This is a chore and they may not want to bother if they have other Resumes correctly titled.
Many employers put Resumes directly into searchable databases. This means they need an unformatted version rather than, for example, a Word document. 

And some organizations will not open attachments because of concerns about viruses and incompatibilities among word-processing programs.

But the potential new employer will almost for sure, also need a formatted (probably Word) version. Why? Well it is likely to be printed before the interview, or maybe passed to colleagues - and a Word version is much easier to read than a text-based one.

So it is a good idea to

  • save the document as a .txt file using a text editor such as
  • paste a .txt version directly into the e-mail message
  • send a formatted (Word) document as an attachment.
  • give the attachment a sensible title as explained above ("My Name Resume 112504.doc.")
With your cover letter you have two choices:
  • either - treating it in exactly the same way - that is, attach a Word version and paste a text version into the email.
  • or - simply make your email your cover letter, using the same layout you would use in a regular snail-mail letter.

Here is an example:
Mr J Boss
Head of Real Estate Planning
1043 Street Name
Dear Mr Boss,
Planning Manager, Seattle Office
This position is a great fit with my interests and my experience up to now. In summary, my relevant capabilities are:
  • point number one
  • point number two
  • point number three
  • point number four
  • point five
I attach my Resume and my letter, which explains in more detail why I think you will see me as a very good candidate for this position.
In case you prefer not to open attachments, I have also pasted both documents into this email in text format, just below my name.
I will call your office on Wednesday to establish how we might be able to progress my application. Please feel free to call me any time meanwhile.
My Name
My Cell Phone Number

You should take your lead from the instructions about sending your Resume, but it is worth considering sending both versions as described.

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